Betting Apps: Should I Use Mobile Apps For Betting?

The rise of the internet gave birth to the use of mobile betting apps for numerous gambling activities, including sports betting. The internet has affected so many sectors positively, with the gambling sector just one of them. 

In recent times, betting sites have come to the fore as online gambling experiences a growth boost. Nowadays, punters are leaning towards the use of mobile betting apps for their gambling activities, like sports betting. However, many other punters do not totally accept the idea of using apps for their betting activities. This begs the question: should I use mobile apps for betting? Before we go into the pros and cons of using betting apps and arriving at a conclusion, let us take a walk through some betting parameters.

What Is Sports Betting 

Sports betting is the wagering on the outcome of a sports event. Bets can be placed on many sports, which include boxing, badminton, racket, MMA, Snooker, Golf, Handball, Ice hockey, table tennis, volleyball, golf, futsal, baseball, lacrosse, rugby, and many more. It is well-known that football has the highest number of bettors among all sports, which makes the game more valuable. 

Sports betting is a very good way to gain pleasure as well as make a lot of money. Sports betting provides punters with the opportunity to stake real money on sporting events for the chance to make profits on their bets. 

What Are Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting sites are also known as Sportsbooks. They operate as platforms that offer punters the opportunity to wager real money on sporting events, including various forms of entertainment. Sports Betting Sites offer perks like bonuses and promotions, cashouts, responsible gambling measures, and many more to their patrons. Also, in several regions like Africa, these sites are required to follow even more stringent rules to guarantee impartiality. 

To utilise the functionality of sports betting sites, users are required to register and create an account with their personal information. These include name, age, contact details, and identity cards. After completing registration, users can then fund their accounts, select betting markets, place their bets, and withdraw if they win. 

Sportsbooks And Their Betting Apps 

Most of the modern sports betting platforms now provide their services land-based or online. These sites now build personalised apps for their platforms to further satisfy the needs of their patrons. Betting Apps are software programmes that are designed to perform specific betting functions. For example, if a Betting site like Bet365 builds an app, such an app is only expected to grant access to Bet365’s services and not other bookmakers. To read more on Bet365, please click this link.

Pros Of Using Betting Apps


One of the biggest positives of using betting apps is the personalisation that they offer. Betting apps allow punters to set up their preferences at any time they wish. With the use of betting apps, punters can personalise the settings, preferred betting markets, and sports categories as they wish, instead of being shown every information, settings and odds on the usual website. Betting apps can also track punter’s engagement via cookies and then use it to offer tailored recommendations to the users based on their interests, location, and more.


One of the most important things punters need is information. Adequate information and knowledge is needed for punters to effectively enjoy the full-scale services of their preferred Sportsbook. This is where mobile betting apps excel. Mobile app notifications (push notifications or in-app notifications) are excellent ways in which Bookmakers can communicate with their users. So in the case where new games, new promotions, new bonuses or new markets are available, betting apps are a more effective way of informing users via notifications. 


In comparison to using a bookmaker’s mobile website, gambling with a well-designed betting app is far quicker. Betting apps, in contrast to the traditional mobile website, save their data locally on users’ devices. This makes it easier to quickly retrieve and load data in betting apps. So, for gamers looking to stake a last-minute bet before a game starts or those who wish to engage in live betting, mobile betting apps are the way to go.

Cons Of Using Betting Apps 

Risk Of Addiction 

The ease and convenience at which mobile betting apps serve punters can further lure them into uncharted territories. Each time a bet is staked, there is a small risk of getting closer to addiction or compulsive gambling. Users must take the negative effects of online gambling seriously. Thus, weighing the benefits and drawbacks and establishing personal limitations. The fun and financial gain offered by sports betting is highly attractive. However, it is important to note that sports betting should be played with caution to avoid the addiction or compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling can lead to total ruin in many ways, including financially, psychologically, mentally, and many more. 

Increase In Broadband Connection Usage

These apps also need to be updated regularly, like normal apps, to function optimally. In many cases, the bookmaker may wish to add, remove, or update some features of their app. This will need the user to re-download entirely or update his app to the latest version so as to keep up with the new changes. In some cases, the failure to update to a new app version may cause the app to misbehave. With new updates and downloads, more internet broadband connection is needed, which translates to a slight increase in costs to the punter. 

Should I Use Betting Apps?

Although it is cool to use the mobile website that gambling platforms provide, their betting apps are far better for punters. Betting apps allow users to customise their preferences and also provide a sense of ownership. These apps may become heavy in size after a prolonged period, but the services they provide are worth the extra storage space. Also note that the space they take up contains your data, which is used to serve you better. 

So, in a nutshell, Betting Tips Africa recommends the use of mobile betting apps for punters. However, make sure you download the apps via the official website. Downloading from other sources may be harmful to your device and could expose you to cyber fraud. Also, ensure you keep your login credentials safe and away from third parties. 

Sofoluwe Mayowa

By Sofoluwe Mayowa

Mayowa was born and bred in Nigeria. As a kid, he has naturally always been in love with sports, especially football being his most loved sport. Having gained admission into a higher institution, he moved in to play for the school team but was turned down several times. He managed to get into the school team in his final year and was able to win two trophies, a personal award of excellence whilst taking home the “Best defender of the year award.” Shortly after leaving school, he moved to an independent grassroots club where he worked his way up until he could play at a semi-professional level. He had to stop playing the round leather game and focus on other things due to a lack of sponsorship and funds to get into a proper football academy. Mayowa first got involved in the world of sports betting in 2009 when Nairabet began its operations in Nigeria as the first Sportsbook in the country. He gathered a lot of practical knowledge about betting through this opportunity. Since then, he has always loved to pass his knowledge through writing and hopes to help many others in the world of sports betting along the line.