Live Betting Tips: Pros And Cons Of Live Betting

Sports betting, as we know, is an activity where people predict sports events or football results. After predictions have been made, these people proceed to place a wager (a sum of money) on their predicted outcomes. Since its inception, sports betting has evolved over the past decade. Long gone are the days when we only had traditional betting options. Nowadays, betting options, markets, and types like live betting tips are now in their multitude.  

One of the biggest areas for punters to make money is through live betting. Live betting was a feature added by bookmakers much later to diversify betting and also make it more exciting. Live betting, as the name implies, is a process that involves the placement of bets when the match or event has already started. This means punters only place their stakes when the event they wish to stake on is ongoing. 

In live betting, the odds are not static, like in pre-match selections. Instead, they are highly dynamic and engaging. They change frequently in real time, reflecting the flow of the game while adjusting according to the game state and incidents occurring in the process. Live betting is not just about predicting the eventual winner of the game. It offers diverse betting opportunities for punters to make more money. 

Without any doubt, live betting needs top knowledge for punters to succeed on a significant scale. For that, we have prepared this live betting tips article to further enhance our readers’ knowledge.   

We also have a comprehensive Betting tips and predictions page that we think can help you enjoy more profit on your bets. Without further delay, let us delve into our new edition on live betting tips. As usual, on this website, we will follow a step-by-step process.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting works by allowing punters to make predictions and lay down wagers on matches or events that are already in progress. When a match has already started, the bookmaker calculates the odds of several markets and options and then makes it available to gamers. The odds in live betting are not static as in pre-match selections, they are dynamic as they change from time to time. These changes reflect the game state and the incidents occurring throughout the game. 

How To Bet On Live Games

To bet on live games, you need to locate the live betting section on your preferred bookmaker’s platform. Many Sportsbooks now make sure to offer their live betting section on a separate page as it aids the clean layout and ease of use. Once you locate the live betting section, you can make your selections on games that you want to stake on. There are numerous options and markets, so make sure to be thorough and fast. Once you have made your preferred betting selections, proceed to the bet slip page, input your wager and complete your bet. 

How To Win Live Football Betting

There is no guaranteed way to win live football betting. However, there are ways to boost your chances of winning. One of these methods is to make sure you research the game patterns of both teams. Another is to look at the statistics and determine how each team is doing in terms of attack and defence. There is also the time remaining before the conclusion of the games to look at before you make your stake. Lastly, there are live betting tips and predictions available on Betting Tips Africa. You can use these as a guideline when making your live betting stakes.  

How To Play Live Bet In Bet9ja

As previously explained, punters can place bets on events that are happening at the moment with Bet9ja live betting. This is an exciting kind of gambling and a good way for those who understand it to make more profit. With dynamic odds that change from time to time in line with the real event, punters get to follow the action unfold while experiencing double the excitement.

To play live bets on Bet9ja, visit the official website and locate the “Live” section in the menu slide located at the top of the homepage. Click on ‘Live’ and you will be directed to the world of Bet9ja’s live betting section. From here, you can make your selections and place your bets. Read our full Bet9ja Review here.

How To Win At Live Betting

To win at live betting, you have to handle your statistics well. You also have to follow the action to understand the game state and avoid staking on the wrong team. You do not want to place a win selection on a team that is already one or two goals down and has received one or two red cards, do you? 

Pros And Cons Of Live Betting


  • Live betting allows you as a punter to adapt your betting selections based on in-game changes. For example, if Chelsea is playing against Arsenal, you have the opportunity to adapt your bet if Chelsea are playing well or vice versa. This means that you can decide to stake on the better team, and you can also stake on the worse team if you feel they have a chance to cause an upset. 
  • While pre-match betting offers the deeper betting options and markets, there are special options available during live betting to punters. Some of the arrays of betting options available via live betting are “next goal scorer,” “what time will the last goal be scored,” “the time of the next goal,” “the number of cards in a specified timeframe” and many more. This variety that live betting provides can be highly entertaining as well as providing a way to make more profit. 
  • Live betting provides a thrill of excitement as punters get to make decisions in split seconds rather than in anticipation as with pre-match betting. Punters get excited as they engage in betting with the match or event already in progress before their eyes.


  • Live betting has one key difference to pre-match betting, the odds fluctuate more often in response to game state. This is caused by the dynamic nature of the games and punters who are not quick enough may end up missing out on some good opportunities to make more money.
  • Live betting does not promote adequate research as the events unfold very quickly. By engaging in live betting, punters are relying on their in-game observation rather than informed statistical analysis. This may lead to potential profit loss as most times, intuitions are wrong.
Sofoluwe Mayowa

By Sofoluwe Mayowa

Mayowa was born and bred in Nigeria. As a kid, he has naturally always been in love with sports, especially football being his most loved sport. Having gained admission into a higher institution, he moved in to play for the school team but was turned down several times. He managed to get into the school team in his final year and was able to win two trophies, a personal award of excellence whilst taking home the “Best defender of the year award.” Shortly after leaving school, he moved to an independent grassroots club where he worked his way up until he could play at a semi-professional level. He had to stop playing the round leather game and focus on other things due to a lack of sponsorship and funds to get into a proper football academy. Mayowa first got involved in the world of sports betting in 2009 when Nairabet began its operations in Nigeria as the first Sportsbook in the country. He gathered a lot of practical knowledge about betting through this opportunity. Since then, he has always loved to pass his knowledge through writing and hopes to help many others in the world of sports betting along the line.