EPL Top Four: Massive Predictions Ahead Of New 23/24 Season

EPL Top Four: Massive Predictions Ahead Of New 23/24 Season

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There was a surprising end to the EPL top four race last season with the occupants dazzling fans. It is not a new message that the top four occupants of the league standings would represent the league at the UEFA Champions League.

There was a surprising end to the EPL top four race last season with the occupants dazzling fans. It is not a new message that the top four occupants of the league standings would represent the league at the UEFA Champions League.

After the 2022/2023 season ended, the summer transfer window commenced with teams agreeing deals at breakneck speed. Clubs are making sure that their teams are in good order before the next EPL season which promises to be a cracker. 

The ongoing summer transfer window opened in June 2023, and will remain open until Friday, September 1, 2023.  

The new season starts on Sat, 12 Aug 2023, which is just a few weeks away. The season will then end on Sun, 19 May 2024. The usual hot race for the top four positions will resume when the season starts, and we will be predicting which team will likely clinch a spot in this article.

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SoccerVista’s Topic Of Discussion For The Week

Our topic of discussion for this week’s episode of our revered section is centred on the English Premier League. Specifically, this edition will be targeting the most likely clubs to finish in the top four positions of the EPL.

The summer transfer window is a time of intense activity for teams all over the world. During the course of the season, both the team’s strengths and flaws will certainly become clear. The clubs would then work on this during the summer signing period. 

This increases their chances of finishing strongly the next season or even going a step further. The top four teams last season have already completed lots of deals to bring in reinforcements whilst trimming their squads. These teams include Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle United. 

However, we may see big changes as some underperforming clubs are also fine-tuning their squads for a big push. Examples of these clubs are Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur.

So, in this edition, we will take a keen and early look at the clubs most likely to make the top four positions in next year’s final Premier League standings. We will also discuss the thought processes behind our predictions and how gamblers might profit from the eventuality that it happens.  


However, before we approach the main objective of this article, we will take a brief overview of the top four. We will also look at why clubs make it the minimum achievement for a season and how it impacts clubs positively or negatively.

This is how our experts have planned the model of this page on our website. Our readers have found it to be really helpful, and as a result, they are also very pleased with it. This is so due to the wealth of information that can be mined using this model.  

EPL Top Four Predictions: Brief Overview Of The Top Four

It is common knowledge that competition for the English Premier League is paramount every season. However, the pursuit of a place in the EPL top four of the standings is unquestionably the next best thing. This is the goal for top-flight sides to focus on throughout each and every season.

Finishing in the EPL top four at the end of the season means coming in between first and fourth place. This means at the end of the season, teams whose total accumulated points put them in first, second, third or fourth place are judged to have finished in the EPL top four.  

EPL Top Four Predictions: Why Do Clubs Make The Top Four A Minimum Achievement? 

Obviously, winning the league is paramount but finishing in the EPL top four positions has one key advantage; entry into the UEFA Champions League.

UEFA, stands for the Union of European Football Associations. The association is known for hosting the world’s most popular club competition, the Champions League. The Champions League is more accurately described as a competition than a league. 

The UEFA Champions League is a season-long tournament competed by the greatest teams in Europe. No other club tournament comes close to matching its prestige and prize pool by a wide margin. This is because most of the top teams and players in the world are based in Europe, where the majority of the money is. 

Smaller countries not highly rated in UEFA’s coefficient can only afford to send their league champions to the tournament. So teams from countries like Albania and Slovakia have to compete in the lower brackets to even qualify. However, major leagues (England, Spain, France, Italy, or Germany) can send many teams, such as three or four.

It has been established that getting into the EPL top four means a position in the UEFA Champions League. This means qualified teams will play at least six profitable home and away matches all across the continent. 

Furthermore, such qualified teams will receive a portion of the money from television broadcasts. It also indicates that the club will have sufficient glamour to sign major players. Not to forget that the biggest stars want to compete in the most prestigious competitions. 

How Do The EPL Top Four Positions Impact Clubs Positively And Negatively?

To put it simply, finishing in the top four positions in the Premier League means a huge amount of revenue/money in every possible form. 

Clubs need money to run properly. They need to pay their staff, scouts, managers, coaches, players and even the stewards. This means that they need all the revenue they can get without falling foul of financial fair play policies.

Clubs that finish in the EPL top four are guaranteed money which will be used to run the club properly. Some of these funds can also be used in acquiring players for positions of need. 

Furthermore, clubs that finish in the top four would have the opportunity to be named an elite club with the stature to sign world-class players. 

On the other hand, clubs that do not make the EPL top four positions have less revenue to work with. They would be forced to work under a financial constraint and may have to sell players. 

These clubs would also be less attractive to star players who always want to compete on the grandest stage. 

Clubs Most Likely To Make The EPL Top Four Positions In 2023/2024 Season

Manchester City

The Cityzens have won the Premier League a few times now and are the current champions after usurping Arsenal. They are almost guaranteed to be in the top four if not winning the league again. 

Pep Guardiola’s side are already stacked with quality players like Erling Braut Haaland, Bernardo Silva and many more. They are also reported to be on the verge of signing Josko Gvardiol from RB Leipzig for an anatomical amount.

Staking on Manchester City to make the EPL top four positions is a minimal risk bet. It could help gamers achieve more profit which translates to fulfilled gaming. 

Gamers who think the Cityzens would make the EPL top four can stake on the eventuality with reliable bookmakers. Bookmakers like William Hill, Paripesa and Melbet may offer great odds to gamers on this possibility


The Gunners cracked under intense pressure from Manchester City in the race for the Premier League title. However, they have made outstanding additions to the squad with key signings. The likes of Kai Havertz and Declan Rice have been signed, while Timber is also a new arrival. 

The Gunners are very likely to retain an EPL top four position. This means there is minimal risk if any gamer decides to stake on this eventuality.

Gamers who think Mikel Arteta’s men are likely to retain an EPL top four spot can stake on it with reputable Sportsbooks. Bookies like SportyBet, Betika, and Betway may offer great odds to gamers on this possibility.


The Anfield giants had an underwhelming campaign last season. However, Jürgen Klopp’s side have added outstanding ammunition with their signings. The likes of Alexis Mac Allister and Dominik Szoboszlai have already made moves to Anfield.

There are also rumours of interest in Romeo Lavia which will complete a midfield overhaul. The Reds should be firing on all cylinders next season since their major issue in the last season campaign was midfield.

Stats may claim that the Reds are unlikely to claim a EPL top four spot due to their failings last season. However, squad planning and tactical perspectives suggest otherwise

Gamers who can stake on a bit of uncertainty can bet on Liverpool making the EPL top four next season. They can bet on this eventuality with Sportsbooks like Paripesa, Bet365, and 1xBet. These Bookies may offer great odds to gamers on this possibility. 

Manchester United

The Red Devils managed a EPL top four spot last season after an intense battle with Newcastle and Liverpool. Good additions like Mason Mount and possibly Andre Onana guarantee improvement from a tactical point of view.

The likes of Chelsea or Newcastle are also good shouts for the EPL top four. However, a fire-sale of experienced players from the former may affect team bonding and experience levels, while an European appearance may stretch the latter team to their limits. 

With this in mind, Manchester United may be a good bet for gamers. Bookies hosted on our site are the best places to stake bets on this possibility.

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