World Cup Qualification: Who gets the last tickets for Qatar?
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World Cup Qualification: Who gets the last tickets for Qatar?

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This November 2022, the time has come: the World Cup in Qatar will begin and a total of 32 teams will take part! Who exactly they will be, however, has not yet been determined.

This November 2022, the time has come: the World Cup in Qatar will begin and a total of 32 teams will take part! Who exactly they will be, however, has not yet been determined.

But only 15 teams, including the host Qatar, have already been confirmed as World Cup participants. So 17 tickets are still available, the decisive matches will take place in all federations during the international break at the end of March and promise exciting matches with many good betting opportunities! Wednesday, 23 March, and Thursday, 24 March, are two big match days and a feast for the bookmakers.

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In Asia/Australia, the hot final phase of World Cup qualifying begins on Thursday, 24 March.

In Group A of the Asian finals, Iran and South Korea have secured their World Cup ticket as expected. The competition from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Syria proved to be too weak.
Group B, on the other hand, remains exciting. Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia will play the last two matches for the remaining two starting places. The third-placed team can qualify for the qualifying match against the fifth-placed team from South America. Australia, currently three points behind Japan and four behind Saudi Arabia, have it in their own hands to punch their ticket. They will meet each of their two main rivals.

These exciting matches will be played on 24 March:

  • China vs. Saudi Arabia
  • Australia vs. Japan


After the group stage, 10 teams are directly qualified: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, England, Croatia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia and Spain.
Twelve more countries will try to get the remaining three tickets in a mini-tournament starting on 24 March.

Extremely exciting matches are on the programme:.

  • Russia vs. Poland
  • Wales vs.Austria
  • Sweden vs.Czech Republic
  • Italy vs. North Macedonia
  • Portugal vs. Italy
  • Scotland vs. Ukraine

The winners of these duels will then meet in a real final.

South America

Brazil and Argentina have already qualified, while third-placed Ecuador has a comfortable lead over their pursuers and are at least in fifth place, which would be enough for a final qualifying match. To still lose the direct qualification, however, the chasers would have to do a lot for their goal difference.
Only two other teams from the illustrious circle of great football nations can still have hopes after the last qualifying matches. The Uruguayan team currently has the best chances, not least because of its remaining programme.
In the direct duel with Peru on the next matchday, they can secure their ticket with a win, provided Chile does not win the parallel match against Brazil – the two teams will then meet on the last matchday.

For Colombia, on the other hand, things look very bad. Despite many stars in the team, they have not scored a goal of their own for 6 games and have only minimal theoretical chances of qualifying.

The next matches will be played on 24 March:

  • Uruguay vs. Peru
  • Colombia vs. Bolivia
  • Brazil vs. Chile
  • Argentina vs. Venezuela
  • Paraguay vs. Ecuador

North/Central America

Canada currently holds the best cards in the Concacaf Group. Even without Bayern player Alphonso Davies, the North Americans continued their successful qualification campaign, beating the USA among others. They remain in first place with 25 points, followed by the USA and Mexico with 21 points each. These three countries are the hottest contenders for direct qualification.

The battle for fourth place, and with it the chance of another qualifier against the Oceania winner, is currently between Panama (17 points) and Costa Rica (16 points). However, there will be no direct clash between the two teams. Instead, both national teams will meet the USA and could still challenge coach Gregg Berhalter’s team in the qualifiers.

These exciting matches are still to come on 24 March:

  • Costa Rica vs. Canada
  • Mexico vs. the USA
  • Panama vs. Honduras


Due to the Africa Cup, the deciding matches in Africa have been scheduled for 23 March. There will be 5 play-offs with first and second legs. Among others, the Africa Cup finalists Egypt and Senegal will meet again in the all-decisive duel.

The matches in detail:

  • Egypt vs. Senegal
  • Cameroon vs. Algeria
  • Ghana vs. Nigeria
  • DR Congo vs. Morocco
  • Mali v Tunisia


Due to the pandemic, no matches have been played in Oceania so far. Now a final, decisive tournament will be played in Qatar between 14 and 30 March, with 9 teams taking part. A high favourite is New Zealand – the competition from Tahiti, Fiji or Vanuatu will hardly be able to stop the New Zealanders.

For more information on the World Cup 2022 take a look at the official FIFA homepage.

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